SVR Tracking

Auto Finance GPS Tracking in Real Time

Continuous Vehicle Tracking
Every 2 Minutes When Moving
4 Hour Heartbeat When Stopped

Our SVR Tracking service enables Auto Finance Companies to track, locate and recover their vehicles with live, real-time GPS tracking, and provides stop verification, enabling them to determine potential locations for their vehicles. Alerts will flag owners, making them aware of events of interest. The application dashboard provides real-time graphs and detailed vehicle data suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of vehicle activity..


Continuous GPS Tracking

Every two minutes when moving. Stop verification. Four hour heartbeat when stopped. Airtime starts at install. Unlimited locates.

Impound Lot Notify

We know where all impound lots are in the US. If the vehicle enters an impound lot, you will be alerted automatically.

Top Stops

You see the top 5 stop locations for any 30 day period in the last 120 days, so it’s easier to determine a non reporting vehicle location.


Every four hours instead of 25 hours like our competitors.

Recovery Mode

Continuous GPS tracking allows recovery mode, including past trips, for a 30 day period in the last 120 days. 2 minute recovery mode!

Zone Alerts

Create geofences and alerts associated with them. See the alert history for a period of 30 days in the last 120 days.

Faulty Power

Receive an alert if the power to the unit is faulty.

Maintenance Alert

Receive an alert when it’s vehicle maintenance time .

Low Battery Alert

Receive an alert if the battery is getting low.

Web Application

Our application is web based, so there is no need to install or upkeep proprietary software.

Mobile Applications

We also have mobile applications for both Android and iPhone.

Multiple User Login

Within our application, you can create multiple users for your account.

Road/Aerial Map Views

We use Google Maps, which provides ease of use and familiarity of features.

Optional Hardware

Optional OBD II harnesses, SID harness and relay and long-life backup batteries.

Training Videos

Our application includes a Support area with training videos for each topic.

PC/ABS Alloy Box

Won’t melt in the hottest car.

Switched Power

Jumping the car battery won’t blow fuse.

Unit Sleeps

Unit “goes to sleep” and draws less than 3ma.

3 Year Service Plans

We also offer 1, 1.5 and 2 year service plans

3 Year Warranty

Rest easy knowing your equipment is under warranty.

Customer Service

A-1 customer service, both in the field and from the corporate office.


  SVR Tracking helps vehicle lot owners drive down operating costs and increase earnings.

Finance More Customers

Grant credit for higher risk customers. Accept smaller down payments. Improved ability to collect on loans.

Sell Higher Value Vehicles

Make more profit by selling higher value vehicles. We improve your ability to recover stolen vehicles, allowing you to take higher risks on the value of vehicles sold.

Reduce Collection Costs

Remind customers about payments. Our service makes repossessions easier by helping you to know where your vehicles are most likely to be.