Below is a list of frequently asked auto finance GPS questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Can I view my vehicles from any internet enabled PC?

Yes, our software can be accessed from any internet-enabled desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet device.

Will I receive free upgrades?

Yes! Plus, because our software is web-based you don’t have to worry about CDs and installing upgrades, they appear when you login.

Do I have a “no extra charges” guarantee?

Yes, there are no hidden charges with SVR Tracking!

Is there an annual web access charge?

No, the only web access charge you pay is to your internet provider.

Is there a visible antenna on the vehicle?

No, the vehicle tracking unit is installed in a discreet, inaccessible location and all of the antennas are internal to the device.

Are there additional networking costs?

No, our representatives issue an ‘all-in’ quotation.

Are there annual software costs?

No, our monthly price incorporates everything!

Is this a satellite based vehicle tracking system?

Yes, meaning the tracking unit is located by Satellite and sends the information to our servers via the GPRS Data Network.

Does your GPS tracking system run in real time?

Yes, moving vehicles can report to us frequently, and these positions are automatically reflected in our features.

Is the system GPS based?

Yes, vehicle locations and times are pinpointed from the Global Position System satellites and relayed to our data centers over the GPRS network in real time.