Would you like to pinpoint a stolen vehicle’s location?

Now you can with our SVR tracking system. These vehicles are recovered more often and with less damage than those without. If your car is stolen, it becomes our top priority to recover it before it ends up stripped down and chopped up.

SVR Tracking Puts Your Mind at Ease:

24/7 Theft Protection

Auto thieves don’t work Monday to Friday, 9-5 types — they’re around the clock and that’s why we’re here to provide you and law enforcement with the location tracking needed to recover your vehicle – nights, weekends, days and nights. Contact 1-888-801-9529 at any time.

Dependable GPS Technology

Our SVR device is installed in your vehicle(s) and is in constant contact with cloud servers to provide law enforcement with up-to-the-minute location and tracking information. This is the key to quickly recovering your vehicle before it’s too late.

No Subscription Fees

No locator, tracking or service fees – guaranteed. Once you purchase our SVR device, it belongs to you for as long as you own the vehicle. That’s security and peace of mind the minute you drive off the car lot.

Fully Transferable

SVR gives you an advantage when selling your vehicle. Along with a great car, you’ll offer the new owner reliable vehicle protection. Simply call us to transfer service for a nominal fee.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Using advanced technology to penetrate concrete and steel structure, SVR offers virtually 100% GPS vehicle tracking and locator coverage within the continental United States, meaning there’s virtually nowhere your vehicle can’t be found.

Optional Guarantee Coverage

Our SVR Tracking service ranks as one of the finest available in the industry today. From day one, if your vehicle is ever stolen, we work with local law enforcement to return it to you quickly and in one piece, guaranteed. Contact us about this option.